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I am a Scottish Watercolorist and Architect living and working in the USA. I have worked as an Architect in Britain and Ghana, West Africa, after graduation from EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART and HERIOT WATT UNIVERSITY, Edinburgh, Scotland
Concentrating entirely on watercolor now I have , both as a  teacher and painter, been producing paintings and illustration in the medium for over 30 years. Lately, ARCHITECTURAL ILLUSTRATION has taken much of my time
As a teacher and Associate Professor taught:  design, watercolor and drawing at the DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE at AUBURN UNIVERSITY
As a painter many ONE MAN SHOWS , several per year, in the predigital years in the earlier part of the career, and  much commissioned work in illustration and fine art since then.
I have traveled a great deal and much of my recent work in the Categories of Sketches and Fine Art was done on site in ITALY, SCOTLAND, ENGLAND and FRANCE
My studio is near AUBURN University, but I still show, travel and paint, enthusiastically

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