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Welcome by The Symbolist and Her World of symbols!!! Reiki Always Heals!!!
RizwanaA.Mundewadi, A Healing Artist Reiki Master! 
Self taught artist from India making  Reiki symbol Chinese symbol Feng shuii healing paintings since year 2000, each of my paintings is unique, made with love and my art Heals! my inner search for self expression and Identity ended up with brushes and paints! 
 My healing paintings have been sold to prestigious people, unknown to me,  from top corporate sector Art collectors in Dubai, UK , Singapore, California and India. 
A Healing Artist...the light she wishes she had during her times of darkness ... A simple soul, a healing artist and Reiki Master from a bloodline of Sufi healers, extracting happiness from simple things, I have more plant and bird friends than humans! 
overcoming my self limitations and unseen walls, My search for self identity ended up  with canvasses and oils!  following my bizzare soul funk of discovering the power of human brain and Reiki Universal life force with symbols and colours, tapping into the unlimited power of wall art, making SOUL PERK^UP healing art.
The Red Pilgrim with symbols that heal! You can find me somewhere in between obsessively painting, with my plants and pet birds, working on myself, dodging negativity, and slaying my Goals! 
I strongly believe we can redesign our lives with art, and I have written many articles  that have been printed in inflight magazines on power of wall art. Writing, blogging since year 2010 about Feng Shuii, Reiki and Gardening and  books on Amazon Kindle  my fan following  is from all sectors of life. 
 The Human brain has immense potential, feed it with the right thoughts, surround your self with symbols of Happiness, Harmony and Abundance!
 I trust in the law of nature, Karma and strongly agree to 'move with the flow', being a true Aquarian.
As long as I [...]

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