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Mozelle began illustrating wildlife around age 6 by copying works of artists such as Louis Agassiz Fuertes.   She was encouraged by her family including her veterinarian father and biology teacher mother.  Her experiences growing up in the South gave her a great appreciation for flora and fauna of the woodlands, fields and swamps of south Georgia and north Florida.  She was graduated with an AA degree in art from Chipola Junior College and a BA degree in art from the University of Georgia.  During her college years she worked as a wildlife illustrator for the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study at UGA Veterinary School and did illustrations for professors in both the Agriculture and Forestry departments.
As an artist, model-maker and museum exhibit designer Mozelle began working in 1967 at Fernbank Science Center.  She remained there for 31 years and established Funderburk Studios in 1976.   The position at FSC involved design and production of natural science exhibits with a full range of fabrication techniques for diorama components.  Also included in her job was illustrating educational publications, brochures and Planetarium programs as well as graphics and exhibit murals. She was in charge of model-making and groundwork for dioramas at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History which opened in Atlanta, Ga. in 1992.  She continued as an exhibit designer for Fernbank Science Center and held the position as head of model-making at Fernbank Museum of Natural History until her retirement in 1998.
In her freelance business she produced art, models and exhibits for a number of institutions, government installations and individuals.  Mozelle lectured and taught in her field for professional, educational and community organizations.  Her expertise in model-making/molding and casting led to contribution of her methods for reference books published by Breakthrough Magazine on these subjects.  Her illustrations for books and articles in the natural [...]

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