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I believe the urge to create is inherent in all of us. 
I started painting in watercolor about 6 years ago and was told I had started with the hardest of all mediums.  But I loved the radiance and ethereal quality of watercolor and I was committed.  Until I picked up a stick of pastel…and then I fell head over heels!  The vibrant colors, the soft luminosity, the dusty fingers…
Pastels are not chalk or crayons.  They are pure pigment to which binder has been added and formed into a stick. As an artist it offers the most versatility, playfulness, and instant gratification – no need to wait until it dries.   I still use watercolors but now as an underpainting that I apply pastel over, a common technique for pastel artists. I use both hard and soft pastels and both sanded and un-sanded paper.  Although you may not see a difference in the final piece, the materials used affect the application of the pastel and the texture of the final piece.
I continue to evolve and experiment with new mediums, most recently my abstract works in Acrylic paint.  These paintings boast bursts of color.  The process of creating them has allowed me to become looser and surrender the outcome, while improving my techniques and having fun!
I paint with passion that is guided by the knowledge I have accumulated while attending workshops and artist’s demonstrations. I have learned the rules in order to be able to break them, so my work is more personal and intuitive.  I hope you enjoy looking at my work and even more so I hope it makes you “feel”.  That, to me, is the ultimate measure of its success.


Mozelle Forman is an award-winning pastel artist based in Long Branch, NJ.  Her work has been exhibited at various galleries in the New Jersey area, including the Waltuch gallery in Tenafly, where she had a one woman show, and the Gaelen Gallery in West Orange.  “The only thing more gratifying than creating my art is sharing it with others,” says Mozelle.
Mozelle’s passion to create began early in her life but only recently found its expression in pastel paintings and acrylic abstracts.  Mozelle’s career as a clinical social worker, has informed her art with an infusion of empathy, feeling at one with the nature she is depicting.  “I look at a scene and paint what it makes me feel hoping to evoke some feeling in the viewer.  There is beauty everywhere in our world; we have to choose to see it.  This has always been my mantra in my own life and in my clinical practice.  I bring that lifelong philosophy into my paintings.”  
Mozelle’s abstract work depicts another one of her key life philosophies – surrender the outcome.  “In life, we do our best, but are never fully in control of the result. My abstract work has visibly confirmed this knowledge.  When I put acrylic paint to canvas, I never know what will emerge.  I have a certain amount of artistic input and control– deciding the color palette, layering the colors, and manipulating the paint.  I envision what I hope to create, and have learned to allow the paint to interact and “create” itself. 
Mozelle’s body of work focuses on the landscape, endeavoring to capture the majesty and splendor found in nature utilizing the captivating colors of pastels. “Pastel is a misunderstood medium sometimes mistaken for chalk or for the oil pastels we used in elementary school.  In fact, pastels use the [...]

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