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Motti Shoval B.1954
William Carlos Williams (poet) in a 1950 interview
“Painting is language charged with emotion. Painting is words, words
rhythmically organized. A Painting is its own complete small universe. It
exists separately. Any painting that has worth expresses the whole life of the
painter. It gives a view of what the painter is.”  
I'm a full time fine Artist. Live and work in Haifa, Israel. I started to paint at an early age when my parents who noticed my interest in drawing and painting bought me some oil paints and enrolled me to an evening workshop at the age of 11. Later in life I studied Electronics Engineering and worked at it as a day job while keeping an art studio in which I worked on my free time. Throughout my life I took art classes (including 3 years at the University of Haifa and painted whenever I could. In 2010 I quit my job and made art my sole occupation. I continued studying to complete my art instructor certificate (2012).
I like to experience and practiced varied art mediums including: Drawings, Oil paintings, Prints (woodcuts, linoleum and Mono-type), Watercolor, Pastel, and Ceramic sculpture. I work from observation and studio work (models, landscapes, photographs).
I draw my inspiration from my neighborhood, the urban landscape, nights and the people I meet at local cafes. In my Paintings I try to give a personal perspective of what I see. I mainly focus on atmospheric perspective, light, my mood, my excitement and passion about what I see.  I try to create a sense of quietness, inner peace which allows a moment of thought for the viewer, looking for an intimate moment in the normal view. trying to recreate that moment and bridge between the movement and the inner peace allowing a moment of thought. I want to give this moment [...]

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