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Since November 2020 Chief Scientific and Clinical Advisor to VitasupportMD, a nutraceutical company producing MPFF as a dietary supplement
Since 2013 Artist painter – independent 
2013-2015: Colorist school class with HeeJune Shin
2012-2013: Research Collaborator, Mayo Clinic
2011-2012: Consultant, American Venous Forum            
2007-2011: Research Fellow, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
2007: Study Coordinator, Mayo Clinic
1992-2007: Institut de Recherches Internationales SERVIER, Paris, France (Project Director and Chair,  International Project Manager and Scientific Project Leader, Advisor, Operational Assistant for Poland)
1991-1992: Senior physician in Emergency Departments, Paris
1979-1981: Medical School, Warsaw, Poland
1982- 1991: Medical School University Rene Descartes, Paris
1985-1991: Residency and Fellowship in General Medicine
1992: PhD Thesis in Medicine: «Neuro-meningal listeriosis», Bronze Medal, Paris
2000-2002: Master Degree in Statistics
2004-2005: Ateliers du Carrousel du Louvre: Oil painting class of Herve Quenolle
2005-2007: Fellowship and Board certification in Phlebology, CHU Pitié Salpetrière, Paris
2007-2011: Research Fellowship, Hypertension and Nephrology, Mayo Clinic, USA
All paintings' photos used in that website were done by Dr. Peter Gloviczki




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