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“I am constantly inspired by nature and by the people who occupy the world around us. Watercolor, Water Media, and Mixed Media Drawing are my preferred media but sometimes I can’t resist an interesting collage or an oil painting. As a wise artist once said, “I paint because I cannot stop.”
I work realistically in watercolor creating a romantic but not sentimental image. Color is the dominant element; I seek to explore the subtle and sometimes not so subtle color relationships in a painting as well as the use of arbitrary and local color combinations.
I look for the extraordinary present in the ordinary elements of our everyday lives. I have faith in the beauty and order of the world and, therefore, choose to represent it realistically. Life is a precious gift and it deserves every bit of the positive acknowledgement we can give it.
My work, though realistic, is not a photographic representation. It describes my feelings for the subjects perceived, my reaction to the world around me. As Matisse is quoted ‘I re-present the subject shaped by my own vision and emotions.’
I believe there is a Magic Spark that brings a good painting to life. Art is greater than the sum of a work’s techniques and effects; if the technical aspects are handled well the spirit of a work shines through. Art tells us things that cannot be told in any other way.”
Monica Satterthwaite is an artist and illustrator who has worked and
taught in the San Francisco Bay Area for a number of years.
She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Holy Names University in
Oakland, CA, with emphasis in oil painting, and later went on to discover
the joys of watercolor. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from
the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, where she continued
to study [...]

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