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Monica paints both distant vistas and close-up views of the natural world.  She has always felt the need to make things and create art.  She loves the outdoors, wild scenery, and the quiet of natural places.  Living in Alaska she finds it easy to get outside and notice the things that she wants to interpret in paintings.  She is influenced by patterns of color and texture, and intrigued by variations in scale from tiny to vast.  She studies her surroundings and takes many reference photos for use in varying degrees of detail and accuracy for her acrylic paintings.  Her work is influenced by her thoughts about mountains, clouds, sky, water, snow, wildflowers, birds, lichen, rocks, and other subjects of interest.  Her paintings range from fairly realistic to whimsical to more abstract compositions.  
For the past several years Monica has been experimenting with various acrylic mediums, as well as carving rubber stamps and making stencils that she uses with acrylic paint to create patterns of color and texture.  Layers of paint are added and rubbed away, based on her concepts of what looks interesting and pleasing, and at times hopefully mysterious or ancient.  
Although mostly self-taught, her art education includes workshops taught by nationally known artists including Stephen Quiller, Suzanne Northcott, Mary Todd Beam, and Michael Schlicting, as well as classes taught by Alaskan artists including Linda Infante Lyons, Kesler Woodward, Rita Pfenninger, Betty Atkinson, and Paula Dickey.  
Monica first came to Alaska as an exploration geologist searching for minerals in remote parts of the state. She has lived in Anchorage and Juneau, and enjoys traveling in Alaska and other parts of the world, always looking for subject matter to interpret in paint. 


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