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Mona L. Safai describes her artwork style as Abstract Minimalist.
Initially, she took an interest in digital fine art and photography. While she enjoyed the endless possibilities between technology and art, she felt she needed more. Safai continued her artistic journey from the computer monitor to the canvas.
No sooner had she placed a stroke on the canvas that she realized she was destined to work with palette knives. They would become her fierce allies. Next came her discovery of color.
She uses color, texture, and composition to explore the human condition. Color radiates and vibrates through our world quietly, sometimes loudly but always constant. The vibrant arrays of colors convey the world’s most intimate moments to the most remembered in history. Often, colors find a way to signify and create something meaningful for us.
Safai uses color as a language to capture emotions in the experience of the mind’s imagination and spirit.
She thinks of her artwork as stories, waiting for the characters to reveal their colors to begin speculation, awareness, and eventually freedom.
She gives her viewers an emotional experience into a world of their making, not one made for them.

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