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The Artist Says:

"To walk in Nature is to witness a 1000 miracles." 

Collectors Say:

"I fell in love with Molly's art the moment I saw her amazing realistic nature paintings at the Maryland Home and Garden Show a few years ago.  Since that time I have purchased three of her paintings and I couldn't be happier.  Her ability to capture fur and feathers is unlike anything I have ever seen.  I intend for my collection to continue to grow!"  Jeff Buchheit



From the time Molly Sims could hold a pencil, she loved to draw. Molly was born in Moscow, Idaho, and by the time she was 2, she had drawn a picture of herself inside her mother’s tummy, which became an enduring family story. Her family lived in Boise, ID and when she was 10, moved to Spokane, WA.
“Growing up in the Northwest, I spent a lot of time outdoors camping, fishing, hiking and playing outside. My father is an avid fly-fisherman, who took us fishing from a young age. All the time that I’ve spent in the outdoors has given me a deep love and appreciation for the natural world and wildlife.”
Molly would spend hours drawing and painting with her sister, Angie, who also shared a love of art. “I remember visiting my Aunt Helen when I was only 6. She was an artist and showed me her wall of oil paintings. She painted the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen and as a little girl I was amazed and inspired. I thought to myself that I was going to learn how to do that, too.” As she got older, Molly Sims enrolled in every drawing and painting course that she could. While in college, Molly took her first oil painting class and fell in love with the medium.
“Oil painting isn’t like anything else, you can blend right on the canvas, create so much depth and luminosity and subtlety. My most favorite characteristic however, is the softness you can generate, and I thought, ‘This is the perfect medium for me to use for the type of art I want to create.’ Oil painting also had stood the test of time, lasting hundreds of years in the old masters’ masterpieces.”
Molly graduated from Spokane Falls Community College in 1996 with a vocational [...]

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