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The Artist Says:

If my art can touch someone on an emotional level, I feel I've been successful.

Collectors Say:

Here are a few: "Talented artist. Love the portrait. Highly recommend!!!" "Your faces have such emotion. Thanks again, Mollie." "Beauuuuuutiifuuuuullll work! Love my little treasure! Thank you so much! Awesome!!" "Your style is right up there with the best...thanks again and again and again." "Beautiful, fantastic, wonderful! Your art is magnificient. Thanks so much." "Absolutely fabulous painting. Feel so lucky to have it. Highest recommendation." "This painting is so beautiful - takes my breath away. Can't take my eyes off it." "A little masterpiece! Love the expression & beautiful eyes. Wonderful artwork!" "I could enjoy your artwork for hours on end." "Wonderful art. Highest quality." "Thank you, Mollie, for painting women, beautiful women who touch the soul." "Your artwork is unbelievably beautiful."


Mollie Erkenbrack was born and raised in Texas, studied fine arts at West Texas State University and graphic arts at Oklahoma State Technological School in Oklahoma. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in Oklahoma for 25 years while dreaming of becoming a painter. Mollie began selling paintings while still in graphic arts and realized they were striking a chord with a lot of people, winning awards and selling well. She traveled to New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas to take workshops with some great artists.

"Painting is now my passion and journey. I try to get lost in what is referred to as 'The Zone' in which I lose track of time and become almost a spectator in a conversation between the brush and the canvas. I enjoy doing some western art, as a result of growing up in Texas, but I enjoy painting a variety of subject matter." Mollie has works in collections in the U.S.,  Canada, Australia and Europe and has won numerous awards. She has lived in recent years in Montana and California, and is now back in Oklahoma. She is represented in Great Falls, Montana by Gallery 16. The art journey continues.
"I'm forever fascinated with the fact that an artist can take a blank canvas and create a whole new world on it. I constantly study, read about and practice art. A lot of heart goes into my paintings and if my art can connect with someone on an emotional level, then I feel like I've been successful."
Recent Shows and Events:

*"THE DANCER" was selected for FAV15% for May 2019 Boldbrush Painting Competition.
* "DREAMER", was selected as one of the FAV15% paintings (FASO favorite 15% of the entries) in the January 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition.

*"BEST BOND SINCE SEAN", was selected as one of the FAV15% paintings (FASO's favorite 15% of the entries) in the April 2017 BoldBrush Painting competition.You may view the FAV15% paintings:http://faso.com/boldbrush/fav15/195
* "POETRY", was [...]

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