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Born in Iraq in 1950, Mr. Mohammed Fradi is a highly accomplished artist, teacher and author. Before immigrating to the United States, Mr. Fradi worked as a professional artist, illustrator and designer from 1971-1988 for Iraqi Art magazine in Baghdad, Iraq and also worked as a designer and artist for Iraqi cinema and theater organizations. Subsequently, Mr. Fradi was an Instructor of Art in Baghdad University (1989-1992), Jordan University (1992-1993) and Applied Science University (1993-1998) in Amman, Jordan. In 1998, Mr. Fradi moved to the Netherlands, where he worked as a freelance artist until 2000. He then moved to the United States, became a citizen, and has worked as an Art Instructor and professional artist with his works exhibited in many galleries and included in both public and private collections worldwide.
Mr. Fradi is the author of two books, “Development of Teacher’s Skills in Drawing,” and “Principles of Painting.” In addition, he illustrated the book “The Great Light.” Mr. Fradi has been honored with awards including: Gold Prize, Almahras International Festival of Art (1993, Tunis, Tunisia); First Place, “Many Faces-One Future” (2002, Detroit, Michigan); Second Place, “The Annual Jazz Festival,” (2009, Detroit, Michigan). He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from Baghdad University.

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