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I was born in 1994 and raised mostly in the eastern Washington countryside near the small town of Brewster. Having grown up with an adventurous family and within close proximity to the North Cascades, I quickly fell in love with the great outdoors.
My love for animals ignited at a young age thanks to a pet-loving family and neighbors with horses. Having lived in places where the wild yonder bordered my backyard has given me a unique perspective on life and appreciation for nature. My interest in climbing mountains, watching birds, stalking deer, greeting coyotes, bothering rattlesnakes, etc., helped define, more than I knew then, who I wanted to become. 
I was introduced to art in high school but did not view it as a realistic occupation at the time. Seven years, a college degree, and a few short-lived occupations later, I found myself studying aviation technology at Walla Walla University with a goal to become a commercial pilot. During my education I took a few art classes that re-ignited my artist at heart. Through a lot of thinking and prayer I made the life-changing decision in the summer of 2019 to pursue my artistic career with undivided attention.
As soon as I graduated in the spring of 2021 with a B.A. in Art from Walla Walla University, I headed off to Yellowstone National Park for a week to feed my hunger for adventure and wildlife photography. This trip marked the first of many wildlife photography trips to come!
I use expressive brushstrokes and intimate compositions to bring to life the individual personalities of my subjects. I enjoy working in oils, pastels, acrylics and graphite, using each to its own unique potential to best achieve my desired outcome ranging from photorealism to stylized illustrations.
Currently I live in College Place, Washington, where I continue to develop [...]

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