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Among her interest, her favorite subject is a fish tank. The fish moving around in the container would invite you to another universe. Her work titled “ Under the Sea” portrays the fish with long tales  and stripes moving through the sea grass under the water.“ Getting back to your lost world”“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” said Pablo Picasso.The quote gives us an important message that if your soul has been contaminated, it would be impossible to get it back. When you take a look at Min Young’s works, you’d feel that her works would take you to a world you have lost as you grew up. As an artist, she has possessed a soul which has not been polluted with any artificial aesthetics. Artwork of an artist is reflected to the artist’s soul.Vincent Van Goh painted the stars of the night wishing for Heaven.Artist Min Young was especially talented with depicting her imaginative world : fish, submarines, birds flying over her house, butterflies or puppies.  Her interest in fish go further to the series of “ Submarines” which portrays humans traveling on it. Some of the fishes look at the submarine with its curiosity. She minimizes what she sees into her unique lines, patterns, and shapes, which attract viewers to the pure world.
Minyoung elevated her passion toward art into creating artistically beautiful works of art that shed light and inspiration to the world.The young artist, Min Young, has already had her solo shows as 6 times as at prestigious galleries in Seoul Korea  and had a great success.Her work will bring you back to the world you have already lost and  tells you how beautifully she views the world like a child as Pablo Picasso said. Stated by [...]

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