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Ming Franz is widely recognized for her "splash" painting, which combines primary watercolor with Chinese ink and brush. In recent years she has experimented with acrylics on watercolor paper and panels, developing her award-winning skills. Now she devotes her time, almost exclusively, to creating colorful abstract paintings which have garnered much attention. Among the many awards she has received is the esteemed Grand Prize in the International Artist Magazine’s Challenge in Abstract /Experimental Art.
"I was born in southern Taiwan and grew up on a sugar plantation where my father worked as a steam engine engineer. I started painting when I was eight years old with neighbor, Mr. Tsai, an art teacher. Mr. Tsai taught me crayon, pencil and charcoal drawing, and watercolor. He also took me by bicycle to other villages to paint and hike, and taught me how to observe nature.
As a child I also had to hike many miles to school. I have continued hiking and am still an avid hiker today. I have hiked many mountains around the world - fueling my passion for nature, especially waterfalls, streams, rivers, trees, birds. I have become a landscape painter, because that is part of my life."
Over the years Ming has studied with masters of traditional Chinese painting, along with studies at community colleges where she lived in the US. In the 1990s she studied traditional “Splash Ink” with Master Paul Pei Ren Hau, and the teachings of Professor Arthur Mu Seng Kao of San Jose State University: East meets West in art.
A highly-regarded instructor, Ming teaches workshops and conducts demonstrations at the New Mexico Art League, University of New Mexico Extension as well as in her studio in Edgewood, New Mexico. Along with her teaching, both in groups and privately, her popular book "Splash Ink with Watercolor" continues to [...]

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