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I grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and spent many years in the Northeast Ohio area.  It wasn't until 1998 at a local college that I took my first figure drawing class.  I fell in love with drawing the human form and continued to study and draw it for the next three years.  At the same time, I began experimenting and exploring with watercolor and oil painting, finding oils to be my favorite.  In 2005, my husband and I moved to Charlotte, NC  and I began studying under Andy Braitman.  I have taken many classes and workshops in the past 13 years including Andy Braitman, Maggie Siner ,Anne Blair Brown and Curt Butler.    Being exposed to different teachers, styles and techniques, has made me grow and evolve as an artist.  
I Love To Paint.  I love everything about painting, the smells of paint and mediums, the texture of paint and brushes, the feel of moving paint around a canvas until I reach my point of satisfaction.  The entire process from selecting an image, to mixing the paint, to solving problems (and sometimes the solutions are found in the middle of the night), is my passion and love.   Figures, people and animals ,are my greatest inspiration. Capturing a moment on a canvas and giving it a life, a feeling and movement.  Painting children is especially fun, freezing them in a thought or an idea.
Landscapes and still lifes are close seconds, as there is always something new to see and to create.  Painting puts my mind and soul in a place that is completely refreshing and healing.  The miles I spend on a canvas is therapy.  My life is great because of art.

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