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Archetypal Representations of the Florida Marsh

Five years ago oil painter Mikolean Longacre took a leap of faith. For 20 years she had been a successful trademark attorney in the Washington, D.C. area. Although always a painter she was only able to focus on painting when she could squeeze in time or a class or two between trials. Longacre and her husband Jim, a patent attorney were living three miles from the D.C. border and commuting everyday to their boutique law firm in Crystal City Virginia. Every holiday for 10 years, the Longacres would visit friends on Amelia Island. Each would longingly look for the day when they could have a house on the water and give up commuting forever.

As fate would have, they were visiting friends one thanksgiving in 2000 and noticed a house on Lanceford Creek off of Amelia Island. It was the view of the Marsh that took both she and Jim’s breath away. Right then, Longacre knew she needed live there and to paint full-time. This property became her muse. By September 2001, she along with her two beloved dogs were waiting for the moving van during the terrible events of September 11 and waiting for Jim to arrive from their office in Crystal City, only one quarter mile from the Pentagon. The events of September 11, 2001 further convinced her that time was right to move and devote herself to study and to painting full-time.

In the course of five years Longacre traveled extensively to study with some of the best classical painters in the United States and Ireland. Now from her studio loft overlooking Lanceford Creek she interprets [...]

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