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To me composition is the foundation of all good art. Whether it's representational or abstract doesn't really matter. It's all in the way the human brain works. The way it processes visual information. This is something that has always fascinated me.
Repetition and variations of shapes, line, color and values,  I use these elements to focus the viewer on the center of interest in the painting. My guide in producing a painting is simple this... If it doesn't interest and hold my attention, how can I expect it to do the same for others.
I almost always have the title of the piece before I start. That is the focus, the idea or thought that I'm trying to convey to the viewer. 
Education and training: I've had a life long interest in the arts. From sculpture, ceramics, photography, to name a few. I would take just about any creative class available while in school. But without a doubt, as far as learning the craft of painting and honing my aesthetics, falls upon the good fortune of studying with Richard F. Lack for four years. Lack was an exponent of the "Boston School" having studied with Ives Gammell, who studied with William Paxton and Edmund Tarbell. 
The focus of this training was studying from the antique or cast, to train the eye to see shapes and values. Figure drawing and painting on a daily basis. 
Over the past thirty years I've also been doing fine art restoration and conservation. I've worked on literally thousands of pieces of art. This means analyzing the artists methods and intent when they produced the work. This has been a great learning experience, being exposed to a wide variety of techniques, adapting and using them in my own work.
Framing: When I started painting, I soon realized that I knew nothing about framing. [...]

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