Artist Mike Simpson

An example of fine art by Mike Simpson

Photo of Mike Simpson

The Artist Says:

 “Using watercolors for their transparency and loose suggestive qualities or oil paints for their opacity, texture and quality of brush stroke, I paint the scenic wonders of the majestic San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado where I live.
With my painting kit I travel, camp, and fish the back country of the San Juan mountains experiencing all these mountains have to offer, creating memories of the rich mining history, the snow capped peaks and towering mountain vistas to the spectacle of fall colors, the shimmer of aspen leaves stirred by a summer breeze, and the splash of color of summer wildflowers.

Collectors Say:

My husband and I have been collectors of Mike Simpson’s art for years.  We own many pieces, oils, watercolors and charcoals.  Mike’s paintings have a way of capturing memories and making us relive adventures. In short, Mike’s art speaks to us, draws us in, and takes us back because he is so good at capturing a scene and turning it into a memory. 
Tim and Donna Ross