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                                             Artist's Statement          For me the process is every bit as important as the product.  I love the process of painting.  The physical excitement and mental challenge of applying paint to ground and moving it around for a pleasing result is what keeps me going.  The subject is often just a good excuse to paint.
        As you would expect, then, the resulting  work is quite eclectic.  I approach the challenge of landscape, figurative work, portraiture, and non-objective work with equal relish.  Its only after a cup of coffee in the morning that I decide what kind of painter to "be" that day.
        Far better, you say, for a painter to find his style and perfect his art.  Phooey!  And what's more -- how boring.  The painter interacts with the world through his brush and knife (or sometimes his hands and fingers).  Why limit your view to only a narrow slice of the world?  When I pass over, I would like my epithet to read:   "A competent artist, often good, who was willing to try it all." 

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