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Artist Statement:
I believe excellent paintings initiate a paradigm-shift in the viewer as if to hold the audience viewer captive for a short time. If I can convey a mood, an atmosphere or a time and a place, I've succeeded in getting you to take that journey with me. That paradigm shift may be a new way of looking at the world; it may jog a memory, or stimulate a visceral experience. I would say that it's common for my art patrons to tell me that they want to keep taking the journey. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my work, my inspiration, and my passion. Painting in plein-air - the open outdoor landscape - with oils is my primary focus but I'll also intermittently complete larger, more time consuming studio pieces. Having traveled extensively across the U.S. and beyond in a professional career for nearly 15-years, and then having the opportunity to paint in a variety of locations and conditions, I don't shy from many subjects. As a fan of classic rock, I can relate to Roger Daltrey of The Who singing in Baba O"Riley "Out here in the fields, ...I get my back into my living" but, I'll tell you that I'm just as much at home in the city. My favorite locations include the Southwest, the red rock of Sedona or Phoenix; the Northeast, the Adirondack Mountains and Maine; the coasts, both east and west. 
About the Artist:
I reside in Ocoee Florida which is northwest of Orlando and due north of the Walt Disney World Resort. Up until 2020, I've worked full-time professionally in the water treatment industry - I still do, but I formed my own company Azure Planet Solutions Company which focuses exclusively on water and energy conservation services, sustainable practices, and the application of green technologies [...]

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