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     The timeless beauty of outdoor landscapes is Mike Etie’s passion and inspiration.  His paintings hold the drama that brilliant color gives to light as it reflects off rugged terrain, particularly in the great Southwest.  The concept of seeing light on an object as a key to emotional response is at the core of Mike Etie’s paintings.  As an artist, he tries to introduce you to a new and different view of the awesome world in which we live.
      Mike’s primary medium is soft pastel, which provides him with pure color pigment.  His surface is either 100% cotton paper or Masonite board with sanded surfaces.  Mike has painted in plein aire on location in numerous states, specifically throughout the four corner area of the Southwest, as well as his local Texas hill country around Austin.
      He also enjoys painting in larger formats than on-location painting allows, completing much of his work in his studio under a more controlled environment.  Striking commissioned paintings are also available.
     Mike credits Albert Handell of Santa Fe as his most significant mentor and teacher.  In addition, he has also studied with Daniel Greene, Lorenzo Chavez, Eric Michaels, Gil Dillinger and Gordon Fowler.  His work can be viewed in his studio/gallery in Austin.  Please contact him for an appointment.
      “In my paintings, I strive to capture the intensity of emotional response that describes the way one feels as he sees the sun move quickly at the beginning and end of each day.  We are all so caught up in our lives that we forget to acknowledge God’s gifts, controlling what we do and how we feel in subtle ways.  Of course, the sun rises every day, but never appears the same exact way.  The appreciation of that daily difference is one of the blessings [...]

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