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Mikal Smart was born in 1949 in the village of St. Margaret’s in the southern parts of the twin isle nation of Trinidad and Tobago.  The seventh of eight children, his artistic inclinations were observed and encouraged while he was a young child, where to him replicating the covers of comic books and magazines were more appealing than picking mangoes and running in the streets. 
Mikal attended high school at St Benedict’s College in the village of La Romaine, where being tutored and influenced by David Banks, he graduated with a distinction in Art during his sitting of the Advanced Level examinations. From hence forth he was hell-bent on becoming an artist.  In 1970 the need to be employed sent him to Mausica Teachers’ College from where, being taught by Isiah James Boodoo he again graduated in 1972 with a distinction in Art.
Mikal Smart first exhibited with the Trinidad Art Society in 1971.   In 1974 he joined with Ken Critchlow in a two man exhibition at Bishops High School in Port of Spain (the capital City of Trinidad and Tobago).  In the same year he held a one man exhibition at The Pelican Village, Bridgetown, in the neighboring island nation of Barbados. During the 1970’s and being a proud “southerner”, Mikal became an active member of The Southern Art Society and exhibited extensively with them.  Also he conducted Ordinary Level classes at the Southern Art Society and served as its President from 1974 to 1979.  
A teaching career, marriage, the birth of three sons and involvement in a family owned business took him away from painting and by 1982 his artistic pursuits had shifted from painting to poetry.  Retired as a principal in 2009 he has returned with a passion to Art.


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