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Everything I feel when I am looking at the magnificent beauty around me, I am putting into my paintings.
In every painting, I want to capture the beauty, joy, and magical feeling of nature. My inspiration comes from all the beautiful places I lived in and travelled through, but my greatest source of inspiration is the impressionists. Right now, I live and work in rural Gloucestershire in the UK. In my painting process, I use traditional technics and materials such as canvas, oil, and oil colours to catch the movement and the light of life and I am involved in every aspect of my craft. I only use top materials and I protect each painting from the sunlight and dust with varnish. With my art, I want to bring more beauty to the world. For me, the arts and painting are a must and is a long-life passion. I started to paint when I was a little girl when my father, who is a self-taught artist like me, sat me in front of a canvas, gave me the real stuff, and told me to start painting after a picture, and I did. My formal education is in the mathematics, sciences and technology. Since my childhood, I painted and experimented with many different techniques and styles and my paintings are a mix of impressionism, fantasy, landscape, and portraits.

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