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For me, painting has been a constant struggle to loosen up.  Perhaps that stems from the challenges I faced raising 5 amazing, active, very different children.  To keep everyones needs met and the family running smoothly it was so important to make sure things were under complete control and all my ducks were in a row.  Or so I thought.  I ran myself ragged trying to keep things the way I thought they were supposed to be. 
I have a friend who is a fabulous artist who also has a bunch of kids.  She encouraged me to try a Tuesday evening painting class at a local studio.  Honestly, I did it more as a form of mental health therapy and a chance to have a little time to myself.  Having been taught to color inside the lines all of my life, it was quite a challenge to let go of the need for rigid perfection that wasn't a remote possibility at my level.   I started  looking more at the art in the local galleries and admired the free and expressive brush strokes.  I was drawn to pieces that did not look like a photograph, but instead suggested a place or a thing or sometimes just a feeling.  The colors excited me and drew me in.  I was hooked.
Over the years my passion for painting has grown exponentially and I am learning to loosen up.  Paintings can say things that words just can'  Imperfect things are so much more interesting and beautiful to me.  The Japanese call that "wabi-sabi" (which is super fun to say).  The process of letting go of the need for perfection has brought so much joy to my life.  I continue to try and loosen up more and more both in my painting and in my life; allowing [...]

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