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An aspect I so love about my life as an artist is being able to watch the reactions on peopleís faces as they view my work. I paint to capture the images that quicken the heart and Iím always delighted when I see that flash of joy in someone. Discovering pastels, compressed sticks of pigment applied to paper, I discovered my medium. Their luscious colors and the special light that finished paintings emit drew me to them.
Pastels are also easy to work with, needing nothing extra for application or clean up, which was a bonus with three small children at home. Since Iíd spent so much time doing laundry as the kids grew, I set up an easel and a still life in my basement next to the washing machine. I could apply a few strokes of color between loads. It was slow going, but I finished paintings. As the children grew, I ventured out to paint and attend classes. An opportunity came to rent a studio of my own. Once out of the basement and into the light, I rejoiced in instilling that sense of light into my paintings. And I smile when I see people notice.
Michelle Wegler has always been drawn to draw. She initially worked in graphite, then discovered that working in pastel was both drawing and painting, allowed vibrant use of color, and did not require the mixing and drying time of paints. To make time to paint while her children were young she was able to set up her easel in the laundry room, where she seemed to spend so much time anyway. She now works in her own studio space in a historic building in Duluth, as well as outdoors year round.
 As an award winning artist, Michelle sold her first painting at a student [...]

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