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Happy Yak Creations was born out of an eagerness to make people smile. Each hand-sculpted polymer clay figurine is crafted with detail, imagination, playfulness, expression, and color. From the strange to the adorable, flora and fauna of all kinds find a home at Happy Yak.

Michelle Simpson has always found joy in bringing fantastical creatures to life. After discovering polymer clay in 2011, she knew she had found a medium that empowered her to express her imagination in new and exciting ways. A self-taught artist, Michelle has refined her skill through trial and error, patience, experimentation, and practice. She is always eager to try new styles, especially if they present a challenge. 
Based out of beautiful Bozeman, Montana, Michelle draws in much of her inspiration from the untamed natural world, adding a dash of fantasy to the wonders of her own backyard. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, playing electric bass, speaking Spanish, and longboarding.  

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