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I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.   In grade school I would sit for hours and draw comic strip characters, phone book illustrations, and pretty much anything around me.   In high school I continued drawing and then ventured into oil painting.   In college a professor once tell me that, "Art is a knack that you develop."   I truly believe this and when people tell me that they can't draw a stick figure, I am quick to repeat the professor's insightful adage.  
I have worked in several mediums which include black watercolor, oil paints, and pen and ink which I spent months at a time working on stippling drawings.  I worked in black and grey scale colored pencils to begin with, as I was used to working in black and white.  My husband bought me a book on how to draw in colored pencils.  I had this book for over a year before I brought myself to try color drawing in colored pencil.  I did not follow the technique in the book, however, but decided I wanted to learn on my own and develop my own style.   
I am inspired by subjects that have shadows and contrast.  While it can be frustrating at times, I strive for photo-realism.  I have been involved with guest teaching at the local elementary school drawing for my students and it is so inspiring seeing their enthusiasm to create art.  My goal is to create more coastal subject matter and move toward teaching workshops.

2017 - Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Special Merit Category award
2017 - Featured artist in Colored Pencil Calendar
2017 - Ann Kullberg's book, Colored Pencil Treasures, 5,  Colored Pencil Masterworks from Around the Globe
2018 - Named one of 50 Artists of [...]

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