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Michelle Puttmann is an American Impressionist born and raised in a large family in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She began painting at an early age but it was in 1988 that her artistic passion began to take shape. Her impressionist style quickly acquired a dedicated following.  With the support and guidance of Phyllis Weston, one of Cincinnati's most prominent fine art authorities, her solo shows were remarkably successful.
Unifying brushwork of light, shadow, colour and texture, her works reflect a personal desire to convey a sense of family and celebration.  She has the talent to create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the painting which invites the viewer to join.  Her scenes are often graced with a table laden with an abundance of fruit and wine that invoke a sense of welcome.
A home in Burgundy France provided Michelle with the opportunity to appreciate the rural traditions of this area. She has focused on depicting the vineyards, artisans and tradesmen telling stories of the rustic lifestyle of this region.
Many of her portraits are of her children. She enjoys capturing the qualities of expression and character in each subject.
As a military wife and mother of three, Michelle has travelled and lived in many parts of the world such as Belgium, France, Germany and Australia as well as Hawaii and many regions of the United States. Michelle’s exposure to various cultures has influenced her work and the experiences of living abroad are evident in her paintings.
Today, after living 10 years in Europe, Michelle happily resides in Deltaville Virginia with her husband Bill, two dogs, six chickens and a rooster.

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