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 Michelle Potentier is a Victoria based self taught artist who is a multidimensional painter of a variety of genres and mediums.  
From abstract, expressionism, photorealism, realism, and even visionary art with her oracle spirit paintings that she does custom for her clients.  Elements of Pollack, Kandinsky and Georgia O' Keefe abound in her work.  her mediums include oil, acrylic and watercolour.
Her inspiration is "love of the natural world" she says, and one hears the voice of wisdom whispering from it.  Whatever medium or genre Michelle explores to express herself, a sense of spiritual realization presents itself.  As an art therapy teacher at the B.C school of art therapy, and a psychologist for many years, I find Michelle Potentier's work to represent the highest form of art therapy, the transcendence of anguish into excitement, the transcendence into art.
Emilie Kemlo
R Psychologist

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