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I cannot imagine my life any other way than as an artist. I will die with a paint brush in my hand and my soul in my paintings. I choose oil on canvas as my medium and prefer to work in natural light. For me, oil paint is old school, pure and resilient. Oil is a reflection of me. I am an emotional painter and use my life’s experiences to tell my stories. I have been told I am a free-spirit, confident, passionate, determined, imaginative and a hopeless romantic. I find myself completely fascinated by history and the relationship between the past and present, or simply stated between the old and the new. My paintings usually reflect the past and seamlessly merge into the future. My artwork is filled with hidden meanings, some I share, but most I keep to myself.
I stay true to my own individual style, inspired by those who did the same; Kahlo, Van Gogh, and Picasso to name a few. If I must be put in a category then that would be expressionism. I paint day and night in attempt to keep up with my crazy imagination. Inspired by many things in the world, my work is not limited to a particular genre. I enjoy painting a variety of scenes from figurative images, landscapes, city scenes, to scenes related to music and (most currently) musical instruments. Each and every creation holds special meaning to me. My ambition in this life is to be able to touch souls with my work. I want the viewer to feel the freedom to get lost in my paintings, to become part of each story. When that synergy happens I feel most accomplished.
"I consider myself an expressionist artist; I paint from my emotions, experiences and whatever image my brain conjures up. Live in the moment, Look forward to the future...Paint away the past."



Michelle Penington has been painting and photographing since childhood. She was born and raised by the beach in Southern California where she danced with Ballet Pacifica in Laguna Beach. She later attended college at the University of Houston where she received a BS in Psychology. She has traveled in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States, which has been used as her inspiration. Michelle is quite the romantic at heart and stays true to her own individual style. Each artwork holds special meaning and is created from a true love of painting and imagination.  Every painting tells a story ... as you look at the pieces think of what that story is to you.
Michelle lives between Cave Creek, AZ and her hometown of Dana Point, CA.  Her artwork has been featured in various exhibits, publications, juried shows, local television shows like Sonoran Living and GMAZ, in music videos, songs and as a “Featured Artist” for Utrecht Art Supplies. Original works are for sale at her private Studio at Rancho Mañana, Cave Creek, AZ, as well as reside in private collections around the world.

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