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Art is my hobby, with passion thrown in...
My story is simple, as a child I created puppets out of paper mache and paste, and I sold them for $2 a piece! That was a proud moment, and the beginning of my journey in the arts. Through the years I have enjoyed taking numerous art classes with fantastic artists and working with many different mediums...but I could never pin down my favorite medium...and still can't! From watercolor to plaster sculpture, I love it all! 
A few years back I decided that i would fulfill another dream of mine, my co-op partner Linda and I started the first artist co-op/Gallery in our town, where artists could be free to work unencumbered by the ouside world pulling them away everyday...they could thrive and create by being together, all the while learning from each other...
Last year in 2020 while i was recouping from knee replacement, I had an idea to use my art in the form of Original handpainted notecards to help the local Baptist Church feed the children of my small town, since so many families were out of work and homeless. I would text everyone I knew who might be interested in donating at least $20.00 for a pack of cards, which I would deliver by car. Well the project was a huge success, thanks to everyone who donated,  I along with the cooks and the delivery folks raised over $7,000 dollars!
The children benefited so much because that was the first time they had been able to have fresh fruit!! Such a blessing!
Since I have been able to retire I have much more time to create, and every artist knows that creativity can be short lived, it is a feeling you get on the inside and no one can explain why. It is thrilling [...]

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