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"You will never be who you want to be, until you are happy with who you are".   Thomas F Shubnell


 Welcome to New Mexico art from the heart website.  Michelle is a   plein air  oil painter.  Plein air painters create outdoors viewing subjects in their natural light.   I am a self taught artist. My work is whimsical, colorful and hopefully expressive to the viewer.  Art has enhanced my life is so many ways.  When painting, I forget all of my problems the world melts away.  It is a sort of mediation that has helped me in many areas of life.   
I have lived in New Mexico over 25 years, minus the three years I spent  in Oahu, Hawaii.  Hawaii was gorgeous ,but I missed New Mexico's wide open spaces and beauty. My heart is here in New Mexico. My goal is that my paintings capture the New Mexico spirit and that spirit is passed on with happiness.
  I was born in Jackson, Mississippi .  In my 20's I followed my parents to Las Cruces,  New Mexico where I met and now reside with my husband John.    I  love New Mexico,  we have sunny skies, great landscapes , pleasant people and  green chili.
 Since I have been oil painting, I have met wonderful people and gone to remote places I might not had ventured to otherwise.  Best of all oil painting is lots of FUN!!   
Best Wishes,
Michelle Augustyniak

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