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I was born in California in 1957.  First Oakland until I was 10, then Danville until I was 19, and now Auburn from 1976 to the present.  My first loves were ART and HORSES.  I remember next door to our house in the Oakland hills, there was a beautiful sorrel horse that always had his head over the fence into our yard.  I always wanted to sneak up to the top of the fence and jump on his back, but my Mother always had a watchful eye on me, and I never made it !   I tried crawling up the 3 rail fence, but that too was squelched, and I had to resign myself to just drawing horses in my house and watching the horse next door from afar.  
That is where my ART started.  I entered art shows as a child and usually won.  The one that I will always remember was in first grade.  My teacher  Miss Yokoi entered my piece into a show at the Oakland Airport and I won first place!  The principal announced it over the PA system, and I was horrified, and proud at the same time.
Art has always been there for me as a dear friend I can get lost in.  I see everything as a painting or drawing.  Especially, clouds, horses, animals, landscapes, faces, people, situations,  they all pull me into a story I want to tell.   I consider myself a self taught artist.  This coming from many hours of waiting for the TIME TO GO HOME bell to ring at school.  I couldn't sit still, and did not want to waste time inside.  My horses and art were at home, and I couldn't get there fast enough! 
I currently live in Auburn, CA on 60 wonderful acres, in the house my Dad [...]

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