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I create multilayer abstract paintings inspired by the world of living things and the outdoors, the poetry of naturalist Mary Oliver and my life experiences. 
Picasso said, "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." I love having a diary to remember and reflect upon. My paintings give the collector access to my diary.

My process is intuitive, and begins with experimentation which takes the form of collage or charcoal drawing, playing with line and composition.  The painting evolves layer by layer, a conversation between me and the canvas.  Every creative move creates the next response. After building up several layers, I often sand down parts of the painting. New images appear and others disappear. The canvas retains bits of color, texture and mark. There is a history to these new-old paintings, that is inspiring and complex.
"Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it." -Mary Oliver

My painting practice is less about a creating a product than about the transformative experience.  I pay attention, fall in love with the world around me and want to connect with you, the viewer and tell you about it with colorful stories.  I am always exploring, so my work can change, but you will always see part of me in my paintings.
I have a BA in design from Philadelphia University and worked for 15 years as a colorist and fabric designer.  I followed my dream of becoming a full-time fine artist in 2017, building a home studio.  I have continued my studies via workshops with Aimone Studios, Nancy Hillis, Jenny Nelson and Braitmen Studios.
My work is available at Cotswold Marketplace in Charlotte, NC and through my website. Follow me on Instagram @michele_morrice to see works in progress and my latest inspiration. 
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