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“I like to find the funky side of any ordinary image. My art isn’t about making a social statement, but about finding a different way of looking at things that elevates your emotional state. I simply want the images I create to make people smile a little - to be playful, rebellious and completely irreverent”.  
"Wadda I like to paint?  I've been told that I have multiple artistic personality disorder by fellow artists and that may be true.  I spent 10 years painting realism and while I love the process and the creative freedom of abstracts most,  figures often lure me back- kinda like the homesick feeling you get when you've been away from your birthplace for a long time.  I guess I would say that the happy place where they both intersect is bold, (bordering on confrontational) COLOR!  So more than a specific type of art, I like to paint CONTRASTS."
Michele was born on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts and has lived in San Diego for over 30 years. Michele’s early accomplishments include being kicked out of girls school, cheerleading and catechism. She later graduated from The University of Massachusetts with a dual major in Marketing and English and studied oil painting at the Lela Hearty Studio for 10 years. 
Michele Joyce’s professional background is rooted in the creative side of advertising and public relations. Her foray into painting began with oils and contemporary realism 17 years ago at the Lela Hearty School of Art, and has since migrated to acrylics and contemporary mixed media.  Michele began to share her art with the world in 2019 and has never been happier. 
Awards and Exhibitions
Regional Juried Show "Off the Easel"  Ashton Gallery.  Honorable Mention Award.  Juror, Pia Stern
Regional Juried Show "Summertime" Ashton Gallery.  Juror, Gosia Freiwirth
Regional Juried Show, "Celebration".  Ashton Gallery.  Honorable Mention [...]

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