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I was born in Slovakia, Europe in 1981. Since early childhood I was familiar with smell of oil colors, art books and decent reproductions of impressionists and Russian masters, painted by my father Anton. In my childhood, I attended the basic art school, I was drawing, painting and at the age of 18 I joined first local exhibitions.
It took another 12 years of university studies of economics and IT job, until a great master Georg Miciu disclosed, what had been within me since my early age,  a passion for painting and paintings from masters all around the world. I was honored to spend three weeks working with Georg in Patagonia in 2013. In 2019, I had opportunity to work during two periods with another Patagonian painter, Guido Ferrari, also a disciple of Georg. This collaboration resulted in common exhibiting in Slovakia and Austria.
In 2020 I joined online Sentient art academy, where I am able to explore further my painting skills with a great painter and teacher,  Bryan Mark Taylor.
Though it has been 15 years, since I have been struggling with IT job and still cant paint as much as I would love to, it provides me certain opportunities to evolve in painting which I would probably miss as a graduated artist. Nevertheless, nowadays I can say, that my path turns to a professional artist one.

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