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      Michael Spader was reared in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His mother’s Sandoval/Cortez family ties in Taos go back over 300 years. With an uncle who was an artist and rumors of his grandmother’s friendship with Bert Phillips of The Taos Society of Artists; Michael was destined to be involved in art all his life. His earliest memory of artistic involvement was receiving a large book of Currier & Ives paintings when he was seven.  “The paintings in that book really captivated me as a child. I carried the book around for years and still own a copy “he says.
This Artist spent most of his life in New Mexico, where he developed an ongoing love of the landscape and architecture. In the seventies Michael was an aerial photographer for the Navy and spent his leave time photographing old adobe homes and Catholic missions across the state. By the early eighties he was owner of a sign shop operating “old school “creating hand-painted signs for many businesses in Albuquerque. Then in 1992, after a couple years on the road as a freehand motorcycle pin stripe artist, Michael was picked up by the movie industry as an “old school” Sign Writer and On Set Scenic. He says,” My name still rolls in the credits now and then, the most recent I think is the movie remake of Fright Night, but these days I think of myself as a full time painter, movies are a hobby for me now.”
Self taught, Michael has been painting first in watercolor then oil off and on since the early eighties, but says his early efforts were seriously flawed. Now Spader says, “I spend my time outside intently watching, listening and feeling nature and am very pleased with the work  I am doing. Having the time to paint out side, [...]

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