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I'm a late bloomer. I started painting as a hobby in the 1990s. After studying art education I began painting due to encouragement from good people, friends and family.  Acrylic paints are my medium of choice.   I've never experienced a formal art class beyond high school, other than composition, i.e. drawing, painting, sculpture nor the like.  I was fortunate to have an outstanding high school instructor who focused on drawing.  I began painting seriously in the year 2000 but soon put the practice aside for a decade.  I became serious about my art in 2011 when I began painting as a channel through which to process life's events...therapy, if you will.  Since then, I haven't been able to put down my brushes for any length of time.  I appreciate working in acrylics as they are a challenge at every turn for me.  Discipline and the ability to start over helps prevent the technique from taking over my work completely and prevents me from getting lost in the act of painting for the sake of painting.  I appreciate the factor that chance plays into my paintings as they develop--most often worlds away from their initial conception.  I use a series of washes applied in layers to achieve the translucency and depth in the skin tones of my subjects accompanied by a fury of scrubbing raw paint directly into the washes.  With some realistic, some narrative and whimsical and some larger than life, my paintings serve as narrators of the human existence focusing on sentiment and disposition rather than event.  I'm often asked, "what's going on here" to which I reply..."I've set the stage, the rest is up to you".  The story of the scene and the impetus for the display of emotion is usually the viewers' to decide.  I can qualify that [...]

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