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In my work, I am striving to continually evolve and mature as a painter who captures the visual poetry of my subject.  

Collectors Say:

As a long time collector of his art, I am impressed by the extent to which his work has matured over the years.  Of special note is his ability to capture and portray the unique beauty of the ever-changing southern low country. I have spent many hours boating with Mike through the creeks and marshes of coastal Georgia and South Carolina in search of subject material and am now enjoying the serene and authentic paintings that have resulted.
            -Savannah, GA
Soon after I moved back to Kentucky after a forty- year absence, I bought Michael Reibel's painting called Winter on Glenns Creek. It speaks to me because it so beautifully captures a feeling of Place. It powerfully evokes a wintery creek running through Kentucky trees and brush in the snow. To my untrained eye, it is the light that is so perfect, the play of light and shadow. I could be there in that scene on that day. The winter sky, the shadow on the bright snow, the traces of snow on the branches, the glisten of the water ... The painting hangs across from my morning coffee spot and it pleases me every time I glance up. It is like a window into wintery Kentucky.
            -Louisville, KY



While I began my artistic journey later in life than many contemporary painters, I am living proof that it is never too late to pursue a talent, a dream, or a passion.
I have always been drawn to the outdoors and the natural beauty of the landscape. As a young boy, I have vivid memories of riding at the front of my uncle’s boat before sunrise heading out on the lake to fish.  The boat slicing through the water still as glass in a setting of solitude and peacefulness found in the early morning light. The sensory elements of nature are a moving and inspirational experience each and every time I venture out in search of material for future paintings.  The stillness and quietness of the landscape often provide the inspiration for many of my works. 
I love the patina and history of the south.  Accordingly, the majority of my work is of the southern landscape, however I also enjoy still life and figurative work.   I am focused and passionate, striving to continually evolve and mature as an artist.  I am forever working to enhance the poetic expression of my ideas with each painting.
I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and my earliest recollection of creating art was at the age of 5 during a summer art camp at the J.B. Speed Museum of Art in Louisville. I attended St. Xavier high school in Louisville where I took art electives all four years and garnered numerous scholastic art awards. I then attended Bellarmine College where I played on the basketball team and ultimately majored in accounting as landing a good job became the focus.  Upon graduation, I took a position with a national accounting firm in Louisville and gained my CPA designation. Five years later, in the early 1990’s, I made the decision to [...]

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