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Heartfelt, Soul-inspired. 
"Painting has introduced me to a universally understood language, one that transcends words and speaks directly to the soul. Emotion. Mood. Energy. Passion. I've found through thoughtful placement in composition, careful drawing and skillful use of values, color and edges that I can create the essence of mood, and through that I can bring the viewer into my work, share with them what it was I felt and what inspired me to paint the image. The emotion in which each piece is conceived and created is essential to what I intend to communicate. If only one person is touched, then I have been successful in my efforts."
-Michael Nickle
My first inspiration and love for art arrived early. My childhood interest in drawing led me to attend an elementary art workshop that introduced me to an exciting new world. I continued studies through middle and high school focusing my efforts in the visual arts. In the years following high school graduation, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest where I took a job as a custom picture framer. Working in this industry kindled the idea to create art on a full-time basis. I began drawing and progressed into painting. I found my audience excited about my work, about the mood each painting seemed to be able to emulate. To this day, the mood that each piece is intended to convey is of paramount importance from conception to completion in my creative process.

I attended Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2000 with the intent to apply studies of human anatomy, -specifically skeletal and muscle structure, to my oil painting and figure drawing. I continue to learn and grow by pursuing studies with recognized practicing professional artists. These include the amazing talents and generosity of Shanna Kunz, Scott Christensen, Del Parson, Elizabeth Robbins, Steve Childs, [...]

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