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      I grew up in San Diego, CA before it was overpopulated.  There were vast open spaces of mountains and empty beaches, and I spent most of my childhood outside enjoying nature.  Nature was then, and is now, my spiritual center.  When I moved to Santa Cruz, CA because of surfing, the coastal mountains, and the redwoods, Santa Cruz was still a small town with open spaces everywhere.   I am fortunate to live in the center of natural beauty :  to the south is Big Sur;  to the north is undeveloped coastal land that stretches to San Francisco;  to the east  are the mighty Sierra Mountains, and to the west is the Pacific Ocean.   It is a world of endless inspiration for an artist.  In my paintings I'm primarily interested in light and atmosphere and evocative moods rather than in detail.   My desire is to use color and abstracted shapes to create something beyond imitation or illustration, to awaken the viewer's imagination and allow him or her to connect to a quiet, meditative space. 
     Major influences for me are the moody and ethereal late works of Turner, the glowing and spiritual color fields of Rothko, and the spacial compositions of Diebenkorn.  Even after many years, these artists still amaze and captivate me, but more importantly, their works direct me to another world, a world of beauty beyond the specifics of everyday life.  And I constantly research living artists and different approaches to painting;  there are simply too many amazing artists to list here, but I feel so fortunate to be able to follow artists from around the world.       Painting for me is like a meditation in which time and space disappears as I move into the world of the painting.  Lately, my working process has become increasingly less analytical and more responsive [...]

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