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Mike moved with his family to the Willamette Valley of Oregon at an early age, and grew up learning to appreciate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Living in Salem, he enjoys equal access to the Cascade Mountains in the east, and the beautiful Oregon Coast to the west... as an Artist one could not ask for better inspiration.    
Mike's interest in Art dates back to his days in High School, however this was not the path he initially decided upon. Later, while serving in the Navy, he developed a strong interest in photography and set about creating Art through the Lens of a camera. The camera has now given way to his passion for painting.
Mike studied Graphic Design in College but has spent over 25 years working in the Semi-Conductor and Solar Manufacturing Industries. Spare time was spent freelancing in Design and Photography until eventually turning to painting. Mike is a self-taught Artist and enjoys studying the work of the original Impressionist painters of the 19th and early 20th Century. He attends workshops when time permits and is always looking to develop and expand his creative skills.
Still holding down a full time job unrelated to art, Mike continues to paint in his spare time and looks to the day when painting can be a full time endeavor.   
"I am beginning to realize just what a driving force the desire to paint can be. I see the possibility of new paintings in every sunrise, in the characteristic shapes of trees and rocky beaches, and in the fresh smiles of the grandchildren. There is so much to capture, if time permits."
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