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Southeast New Mexico was home for Michael Forbes during his early years. Art and music being his passions “I remember being called on more than once to render images of Halloween and Christmas on the classroom chalk board.”  Playing in garage bands was also the norm until one day at age21 Forbes hit the road playing nightclubs and honkytonks throughout the western part of the Artistic endeavors took a backseat until 1972, exhausted  from touring and tired of the smoky bar scene,  Forbes arrived in California where he reconnected with his cousin, already an established artist and perhaps the biggest influence on Forbes’ art career.   “The Phippen Show was my first art show and exposure of my works to the public”.  With a successful show Michael Forbes Began submitting work to galleries in .Scottsdale, Arizona.  With encouraging sales Forbes’s paintings began circulating to galleries in New Mexico, Nevada, and California.  His work also began making its way into east coast collections.  In 1998, Forbes was commissioned by the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” to do two large portraits to be featured on ongoing Boldness of brush strokes and color coupled with brilliance of light against shadow seems to embody this artist’s works.  Forbes’ approach begins with thin layers of wash establishing forms and composition and progressing through to completion with a thickly loaded brush applied to a heavily textured canvas.  “Regardless of how satisfied I am with the completion of each painting, I believe it’s real success is determined by the approval and enjoyment of the Gallery                   Carmel, Calif.
Troy’s Gallery                        Scottsdale, Ariz.
May Gallery                          Scottsdale, Ariz. 
Savage Gallery                       Scottsdale Ariz.
Savage Gallery                       Santa Fe, New Mexico
Many Horses Gallery      Beverly Hills & Palm Springs, Calif.
Addi Gallery                         Reno, Nevada      

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