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After a 29 year career in the Medical Equipment Service field, Mike retired in 2012 and began his painting adventure two years later. One of his neighbors, in the retirement community he and his wife reside in, instructed a beginner painting class which gave him his first lesson in acrylic painting. Early on, he was able to understand perspective, because of mechanical drafting classes he had taken when in school. This unused background knowledge complimented his love for detail, and combined with lots of patience to produce some of his first paintings which were encouraging enough to continue.He began watching the Sunday morning art shows, and YouTube tutorials to learn more. This, along with trial and error, he managed to put some pieces together that actually resembled, “art.” After a few paintings, Mike found out about the small art club in his local community that gets together to work on their art, so he started painting with this group of artists. Being around other artists gave him the opportunity to ask several questions, learn different techniques, and see other art mediums. Acrylic paint has been Mike's medium of choice, as he says "it allows me to quickly paint over all my mistakes, or areas that I feel are simply not working and there is a lot of that".Many of Mike's early works were of things he enjoys: golf courses, wine, boats, lighthouses, vineyards, ocean views, etc. As his skills expanded, he has recently ventured into larger canvases with other more diverse subject matter: buildings, cars, planes, still life, and several Hawaiian themed paintings which he enjoys.At the beginning of 2017, Mike found and joined his first Art Association to challenge himself by showing his art in open juried shows. This opened a new door of education to learn from other artists, [...]

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