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    Originally from the North East, Michael took his first trip west to Colorado at the age of fifteen. It was at this point that he knew that he wanted to eventually move there . After the completion of studies at the Lyme academy of Fine Arts, in Old Lyme ,CT., he packed up his station wagon, and headed west, specifically Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Living and painting in and around Wyoming, was a real eye opener for Calles, specifically in relation to painting the landscape and incorporating wildlife into them. At this point he took a workshop with Ned Jacob who helped him to realize that painting and drawing the subject from life was the best course to take.
     Having received a Bachelors and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University, he is also continually studying the wildlife work of Wilhelm Kuhnert, Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn, and Bruno Liljefors. In addition, he studies the work of past masters such as Payne, Sorolla, Zorn, and the California Impressionists.
   Calles can usually be found  at the zoo, national parks and forests, or local farm yards studying animals or painting landscapes. The other place he can most likely be found, is in the studio, where all of that knowledge comes together to complete finished paintings. He has found that both avenues of life study and studio work are essential to one another. The one providing the information and inspiration, and the other providing a time and place to bring those ideas together into one finished statement. "To me, a piece of Art, is half nature and half how the Artist feels about their subject matter, and that goes only as far as their love goes for that subject."
     Michael currently lives in Utah with his wife [...]

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