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American, born 1955
     Michael Banes's art addressed the nature of individual perception by calling into question every preconceived notion that the mind's eye has developed over a lifetime.  Each person cobbles together a unique version of perceived reality, based ib circumstances and private evaluation, and develops an outlook that is so familiar as to seem universally authentic. But metaphorically speaking, each viewpoint is held together with wires and mirrors.  Bane's work is a serious investigation into the nature of what one believes one is seeing versus what is actually there.  The conundrum lies not is discerning which is genuine and which is an illusion, but in discovering that both the subject and its image are real. 
     Bane creates illusions with in illusions.  Wha appears to be a artful collage is actually an integrated surface painted with the most meticulous skill in the trompe l'oeil technique.  One small painting for instance, appears to be a torn piece of lined notebook paper that is casually stuck to the wall with a strip of masking tape.  In fact there is no paper and no tape.  Sixteen filmy washes, with blue lines embedded between them make up the paper; the masking tap and the shadows are painted as well.  Another, much more importantly scaled piece, seems to be a collage with sheet music glued on.  That to, is painted.  Bane invented the notes for compositional purposed, and does not even know if the score might be playable.  Although one can almost hear a melody, the entire painting has a dreamlike quality.
     This feeling is the essence of Bane's art.  As in a dream, one can get lost for hours that seem like years. Every detail bears the same intense examination that went into its creation, an each one rewards additional viewing with [...]

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