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   Stop for a moment, hit pause, relax and take a deep breath...When you're ready,  slowly turn and look out your window, any window, the one in your office or a window in your home will do.  Keep looking, really looking. Take it all in. Are you seeing it?  The beauty of the world that's just outside that window.  It's been there every day but you hurry past.  The colorful birds spreading the latest gossip at the feeder.  The deer family enjoying the warm sunrise in the field across the way. Squirrels gathering food and returning to their lofty homes or the redtail hawk on neighborhood watch.   Such beauty in every moment of every day. A lot to see if you really look.  
   You can view these simple pleasures by looking through my windows,  original paintings, I've created for your personal space, your home, your world.  At the end of the day when you pause and relax back into a human being, you can take a journey from your favorite chair next to the fireplace. You might see a wolf approaching  in the low light from your fire and wonder where he is going or what he's up to.  You might see the reflection in the water of an impala enjoying its last drink of the day, only to hurry off to a safe place.
   All my art has evolved from events outside the window, inspired by life outside the studio.  
   I would describe my paintings as a collection of moments created in nature. A fish jumping from the water right next to the boat or kicking up a noisy pheasant while walking a fence row are my depictions of lifes excitement, frozen in time.
   I strive to slow you down with each painting and take your mind [...]

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