Artist Micaiah Hardison

An example of fine art by Micaiah Hardison

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The Artist Says:

I began painting in my teenage
years by copying photos from surfing publications. I stumbled ahead
attempting figurative work and landscapes. I worked hard but failed to
advance until my mid-twenties when I discovered a traditional atelier
teaching the fundamentals. There I started chipping away at blinding
naivety, studying good art and learning the skills required to execute

It has taken years of hard work and dedication to find my path, and it
will take years more to bring it into focus as I continue to refine my
skills by studying with those who have mastered the craft before me. My
intentions are aimed high, leaving me always unsatisfied with even my
most successful work. Each piece I produce is merely a stepping-stone
to a goal beyond the horizon. This journey is one I am passionate about
and seek to find some validation to my work in the form of notable
achievements, or at least a trail of art that tells a bigger story.


Micaiah Hardison, ASMABorn 1978, United States