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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.meroewheatley.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $65.00 - $1,150.00
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I'm a firm believer in magic.  Not the slight of the hand in the blink of an eye kind, but the quiet kind which sneaks up in special places, at unexpected moments-- The dappled fairy shadows of the wooded path,  mid-summer luminesence in the sand on a night beach, a human connection felt with the prehistoric handprints on the wall of an ancient cave.  For me, certain paintings summon up this kind of magic.  A spark reaches out and somehow I can share for a moment the artist's vision, the magic which compelled them to paint this particular piece.   When I paint, I'm trying to share my joy in the light and color  I see, not to render a precise copy of a scene.  I love it when people say they like a painting of mine because it makes them smile, whenever I've been able to make a connection through the canvas.  That's the Magic at work!
Once I started to learn how to paint in my early 50's, I was hooked.  Endlessly creative, the act of painting is also an incredibly challenging intellectual process.  It's hard work, and totally absorbing, and in the end the most relaxing and grounding thing I've ever done in my life.  There is always going to be something new to try, another happy mistake to learn from, some new way of seeing to discover.  
I've been lucky to find a very supportive art tribe in Wilmington, North Carolina --and since 2019, I've been part of an artists' coop of working studios at Gallery Citrine, 17 South 2nd Street in the historic downtown area.  Come and visit us, I promise there's lots of magic there.

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